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In 2021, the Parks Alliance of Louisville, with initial funding from Louisville Metro Council,  launched a city-wide park equitable investment initiative to create a roadmap for future public park investments. This comprehensive and data-driven analysis will ensure public parks and neighborhoods with the greatest needs are prioritized for the earliest investments.

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City parks are powerful tools that strengthen the fabric of urban communities, positively impact health and the environment, and create an opportunity for diverse resident engagement and connection.  As Louisville responds to the public health crises of racial injustice and COVID-19, parks and greenspaces must be considered vital civic infrastructure in long-term recovery efforts to foster a more resilient city for ALL Louisvillians.

The Parks for All initiative provides an opportunity to address longstanding inequities in the public and private funding of our community greenspaces.  The Parks Alliance of Louisville is committed to the development of an equitable and transparent investment plan for the Louisville Parks and Recreation system.


  • Determine the 1/2 mile radius around each of our 120 public parks.  This is the 10 minute "walk-shed", a national standard.

  • Collect extensive neighborhood demographic data for each walk-shed to include family poverty and racially concentrated area of poverty, age, and health data (obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, asthma).

  • Collect data for each walk-shed related to vacancy rates, air and water quality, and crimes against persons.

  • Examine the maintenance, rehabilitation, and capital needs of the park system, and of each individual park.

  • Engage the community through extensive outreach to gather resident input on park investment priorities in the areas of capital improvements, maintenance, and programming.

  • Compile data and community priorities to create a roadmap for future park funding to ensure the parks and neighborhoods with the greatest need are prioritized for the earliest investment.

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