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What many do not know is the home at the center of the Douglass Community Center (DCC) has a rich and storied past.  Its tale reflects the history of Louisville, beginning as a parcel of land in the country, to Hollingsworth, the home of one of Louisville's founding families, to a college-preparatory school for girls.  In 1973, the City of Louisville acquired the home and grounds and founded the DCC.

With nearly five decades of service to Louisville's residents, the DCC has provided a space for people to connect, to grow, and to exercise their bodies, minds, and civic rights. The challenge before us is to ensure this historic treasure will continue its vital service to the community.  We firmly believe the future will be the richest part of its story.


To learn more about this project click here for a link to an article from WLKY & here for a link to an article by Spectrum TV.

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We recently installed a "pop-up" nature play amenity at Russell Lee Park in the Park DuValle neighborhood.  This will allow the community to provide feedback on the structure, and give us an opportunity to learn what the children enjoy.  Our hope is to replicate this type of play in several of our public parks.

The Parks Alliance of Louisville is exploring the latest playground trend sweeping the country, nature play.  Multiple studies have shown providing access to nature play amenities provides many benefits not found when children play on a "traditional" play structure, where more prescriptive play is encouraged. A report from the National Wildlife Federation showed such benefits include:

  • Improved classroom behavior;

  • Increased student motivation and enthusiasm to learn;

  • Better performance in math, science, reading, and social studies;

  • Reduced Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD);

  • Higher scores on standardized tests (including college entrance exams);

  • Improved performance in school for under-resourced, low-income students.​

Russell Lee


In 2018, The Louisville Parks Foundation (LPF) set a goal of installing 5 artificial turf soccer fields in 3 South Louisville parks. Beechmont Community Center received (1) 5-a-side field in June 2018, and we kicked off our fundraising efforts. In February 2019, a larger field (125' x 225') was installed at William Harrison Park and we completed the project in October 2019 with the installation of (3) 5-a-side soccer fields at Wyandotte Park. When we started this project there were no soccer fields in our public parks in South Louisville, and these state-of-the-art fields will not only serve the South Louisville community, but draw residents from across the city to enjoy the international game of soccer. 


To learn more about this project - Check out the video from Louisville MetroTV CLICK HERE

Soccer Fields in So Lou


The Louisville Parks Foundation partnered with the skating community, the Irish Hill Neighborhood Association, Home Skateshop, Councilman Bill Hollander, Rockerbuilt, and Hunger Skateparks to bring wonderful new amenities to this beautiful park.  Hunger has built skateparks across the U.S. and overseas, and we were thrilled to work with them.  On August 30, 2018 we opened the Skate Spot to much fanfare!  This “Skateable Art” structure was designed to be enjoyed by all ages, as well as bring interactive art to one of our public parks. 


The shade structure, installed by Rockerbuilt, has brought another level of design to the project, as well as much needed shade, for those hot summer days.  

Breslin Park
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